SONIC Drive-In Near Me

Sonic Drive-In Near Me

Please help me find SONIC Drive-In near me, where is the closest location around here?

You can check the instructions provided below to locate the nearest Sonic Drive-In restaurant right now.

Find the nearest Sonic Drive-In restaurant

Below are the steps to find the nearest SONIC restaurant.

1) Use Sonic Drive-In locator

Visit this site to use the official locator of the restaurant, and you will see a search box similar to the image below, enter your location, and it will help you locate the closest Sonic Drive-In.

Find a SONIC Drive-In - All locations search box

Under the title ‘Find a SONIC Drive-In’, enter your current location. You can also click on ‘All locations’, to view a list of 3551 restaurant locations by states.

2) Use Google Maps

Via this map, you can find all locations of Sonic Drive-In in the US. Click on a location to view more details such as address and phone number, or zoom-in to find more places.

3) Use the search box

Enter ‘Sonic Drive-In’ + your location (City and zip code) in the search box at the top of this page, and you should be able to find a branch near you now.

Sonic Drive-In hours of operation

Looking for the business hours of SONIC near you? Find a branch using the instructions provided on this page, and you will see when the restaurant is open.


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