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How to find places near me to eat

Are you looking for the nearest restaurant to you now? Are you searching for the closest food place around you?
Here you can find lists of the best restaurants to dine, so you can find good breakfast, lunch or dinner around your area in the biggest cities, states and countries in the world.

Whether you’re in the mood to order food delivery, to take-away or to dine-in, here you can find the best food places for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner close to your location easily, by searching for a restaurant near you now.

This site can assist you find the top local food establishments, as well as fast-food restaurants, in places around the USA, UK, Europe, and in more popular destinations to eat worldwide.
The site is using your current location to show you the nearest restaurants.

You can also enter another location, such as a city name, or an exact address in the search box, to find a restaurant close to you. This way, you can find places to sit down and eat in your vicinity, such as different shops, lunch spots and food attractions with yummy stuff to eat within an hour of you.

The information provided on this website includes details such as locations and street addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, maps for directions, and reviews about recommended places to eat out near you, anywhere you are. You can read more about this website here.

Where to dine nearby

Whether you are looking for catering, private dining, a chef meal, cheap eats or any other food option, our extensive selection of featured restaurants was hand-picked, based on the rating and reviews of each individual restaurant, so you can rely on the quality of foods in every place featured, and enjoy the best dining experience in the top-rated food-spots nearby you.

Every restaurant page on this site includes a decent review about the staff, the restaurant’s menu, and the menu prices, as well as basic contact information such as phone number and email, location, street address, map for directions, and sometimes even a street view and a virtual tour.
Using this site, you can read reviews of previous customers, make a reservation, and find a table in a place that serves delicious dishes and beverages nearby your current location.

Find the best local food places near you

Are you looking for a place to drink beers or wines in the neighborhood? Or maybe for a business that serves kids’ meals? A cafe with lunch specials, or a cozy bar for a romantic date? You can use our simple restaurant finder, just type your address in the search box below to find food near you, simply follow the examples that show you how to search the map to find a place to eat nearby your location 24/7 properly.

You can search for “Places to eat Chinese food in New York City”, or for “Good Indian cuisine in London”, another example is “Local restaurants near Los Angeles”, and you can use any other combination of [food or cuisine] and [city, state or zip code] to find where to eat around your location.

What should I eat around here

Do you wonder where’s a good place to eat around here? There are probably plenty of things to eat somewhere near you that are open now. Below you can read about the types of foods and cuisines that you can find here, and get some really cool breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.

What kind of foods can I find here

On this website there are all types of restaurants, foods and cuisines to explore. For example, you can find Japanese food like sushi, Chinese (e.g. noodles), Indian dishes such as rice, gluten-free and vegetarian such as Greek salad, Italian pasta, and even Mediterranean, such as falafel, hummus and tahini etc. You can search types of foods via the search box, for instance: ‘Lunch near my location‘.

What are some good eats near here

Would you like to know what are the best food options within 1 mile from where you are? The lists of cuisines presented below will steer you to a map of restaurants within just a few miles from where you are right now, and even in a walking distance from your current position.

How can I find fast food nearby here

There is a section on this site which is dedicated to fast food chains, check it out to locate restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Chick-fil-A, Subway, Starbucks etc… and to see maps of branch locations around you, as well as instructions on how to use the official restaurant locator of each fast food chain.

How to order delivery to me

After you’ve found a particular eating place, check if the restaurant provides a food delivery service, many restaurants are providing this kind of service and will deliver food to your door, you can make a phone call to the restaurant if you’re not sure if they accept orders for food delivery.

Which locations are there here

New locations are added to this site regularly, we are adding restaurants in the biggest cities and in the most popular destinations for tourists to eat around the world – especially in the US, UK and Canada, such as Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, but even if you’re located in France, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Germany, or in any other county, you can still use the maps on this website to locate places where you can eat.

If you would like to submit a request for a special location that you would like to see here, please let us know.

Which restaurants are open today

It doesn’t matter what day is today, even if it’s Sunday, you can view the business hours of each eatery, and you can see when the store is open and closed for each day of the week. On this site, you can find dining places and fast food outlets that are open at night, and also on holidays.

You can click on the “Open Now” button to search for restaurants open near you right now, and select a particular restaurant to view information about its exact opening hours, this is how you can see what’s open to eat near you in any given moment.

How to add a new restaurant

We would like to welcome each and every restaurant owner to send us an email with info about the place, including things like the menus, the daily specials, the restaurant location, store hours, delivery number, images of the food, a short description and customer reviews, we are adding new restaurants to this site constantly. Feel free to send as a request to add a restaurant to this site.

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