10 best restaurants in Pakistan

Best Restaurants in Pakistan

In Pakistan, most of the restaurants have traditional foods, but if you’re looking for some places that serves a combination of foreign and traditional foods then this is not an issue.

Many of them are very famous for their stunning and unique dishes and have gained likeness and public trust as well.

It is difficult to determine which restaurants are the best ones, but the consumers are the best judges who decide about the products and services quality in the industry.

So, based on the reviews and consumers satisfaction, here we have chosen the 10 best restaurants in Pakistan that are famous for their quality foods and services, and have won the public’s trust in Pakistan. Don’t forget to visit them if you’re going to be somewhere in Pakistan soon.

1. Spice Bazaar Restaurant, Lahore

BBQ at Spice Bazaar Restaurant

In a city like Lahore, where every restaurant is offering local and traditional foods with foreign touch, we can say that it is one of the best restaurants that offers vast range of traditional quality foods in a very reasonable price.

They claim to represent the unique taste of traditional foods from all over the country for their variety of consumers. Besides of indoor seating with cozy surrounding, fresh foods with quality spices in an airy environment will also make you feel at home.

Special foods that you can enjoy in this restaurant are from variety of BBQ, seafoods, Peshawari foods, desserts (with local and traditional foods) and beverages variety is also available.

Staff is professional, cooperative and services are good. They also offer reservations for wedding parties and for other celebrations. So, if you’re looking for foods with pure local Pakistani trends then “Spice Bazaar” is recommended for you.

Location: 1T, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact info: +92 42 35759014
Email: info@spicebazar.pk

2. Arcadian Café, Lahore

If you want to experience the local taste of continental, Italian, French and Asian fusion then welcome to Arcadian café.

It is another good restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan, with local and foreign quality foods. While entering the restaurant, you’ll be given warm welcome and feel like an emperor or a queen who is coming to his kingdom.

Environment is cool and calm, staff is well trained. They also keep on changing their menus by adding new dishes often. Along with offering great food, everything is available at competitive price.

Location: 28-K Gulberg ‖‖ Lahore.
Contact info: +92 321 9555400
Email: info@arcadiancafe.com

3. BBQ Tonight, Karachi

Bar.B.Q Tonight food delivery

BBQ Tonight has multiple branches, not only in Pakistan, but also in other countries. It is considered as one of the best restaurants with growing reviews and consumers’ satisfaction not only in Pakistan, but also at outside the country.

BBQ Tonight, located in Clifton Karachi, has spacious environment, professional and respective staff. It has capacity of more than 350 plus people. You can enjoy your food either in a cozy environment inside or in the open air at the rooftop seating.

It is a great place for families and individuals who want to relish local, Afghani foods, seafood and delicious desserts for the best price. It is often crowded with people, therefore booking a table is recommended.

Location: 5/1, Boating Basin, Clifton, Block-5, Karachi.
Contact info: +92 51 111-227-111
Email: info@bbqtonight.com

4. Lalqila Restaurant, Lahore

Lal Qila restaurant has many branches in the country. This restaurant has iconic importance and there is no foodie who has not heard about this place. The menu has a long list of Chinese, Pakistani, continental and traditional Mughal foods.

Dinning there reminds the consumers of old traditions, taste and pomp and show of Mughal emperors. They way of welcoming the consumers, the cool environment and even staff remind us of Mughal emperors.

Location: 11-A Main Boulevard Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact info: +92 42 525745
Email: Lahore@lalqila.com

5. Andaaz Restaurant, Lahore

Tandoori at Andaaz Restaurant

An amazing restaurant situated in the heart of Lahore, Pakistan, among the historical buildings of Badshahi Mosque and Lahore fort. If they offer indoor seating, but sitting on the terrace with blue starry sky, Andaaz restaurant is an amazing place to have great dining experience along with great view of historical buildings around you.

If you’re out and looking for a place to have a supper in cozy environment with your love one or in the open air, then check out this place. Tables are always available for individuals on terrace. The restaurant offers great variety in Tandoori and sea foods with pure local and traditional touch.

Andaaz restaurant is recommended for those who are looking for great variety in local foods and want to try something that can’t be found nowhere. They have many menu items containing pure local and ancient Lahori taste, prepared by experienced chefs who have years of experience in preparing those dishes. Staff is very polite and quick, and they pay close attention to every guest.

Location: 2189 A Fort Road, Lahore.
Contact info: +92 300 4560707
Email: pr@andaazretaurant.com, ahmed@andaazrestaurant.com

6. Apple Nine Restaurant, Faisalabad

If you’re looking for a restaurant to eat a hot delicious pizza, fast foods and pasta varieties in the city, then Apple Nine is one of best growing restaurants in Faisalabad, where you can enjoy the finest quality foods at affordable prices. The pizzas and pasta they make from fresh and pure nutrients and spices are considered to be one of the best pizzas & pastas selections of the city.

This restaurant is located in the heart of the food lovers’ area, sitara Mall, D-ground. They’re also offering reservations for small group of family and friends. You can call them and ask for free home delivery as well.

Location: Sitara Mall, main boulevard, D-Ground Faisalabad.
Contact Info: +92 41 8530299, +92 421 8533299
Email: info@applenine.com.pk

7. Lasania Restaurant, Karachi

Continental Chinese food at Lasania Restaurant

Lasania has branches in most of the cities in Pakistan. Lasania restaurant in Karachi is considered as one of the best restaurants in Pakistan that offers five star cuisines along with quality service. But as compare to the other five star restaurants in Pakistan, it offers all of the services in a very reasonable price.

Their menu contains local traditional beverages, desserts, tandoori and BBQ, to full range of continental, sea foods and Chinese soups. They are also open to provide indoor and outdoor party, catering and chef booking services and reservations. Home delivery is free to nearby areas.

Location: D-1 Rashid Minhas Road, Karachi.
Contact info: +92 321 2060938, Fax: 021 34822555

8. Shangrila Murree Restaurant, Murree

One of the best restaurants in Northern region of Pakistan, Shangrila Murree restaurant is situated in a cool, peaceful and enchanting place where you can enjoy nature in its real essence. Eat your meal in the cozy environment inside while enjoying and glancing at the beauty of nature outside from the window panes.

Sitting on the terrace of the restaurant allows you to look at the beautiful valleys, shining mountains and many other colors of nature beyond long pine trees around you. Their menu is a mixture of local, traditional and a complete range of continental foods.

They also have a small bar to serve the visitors according to their own taste. This place is a little bit expensive, but worth visiting because the quality and taste is quite better than any other five star restaurant here. Well, all the environment of this place will remind you of local beauty that will really make you feel like some heaven on earth.

Location: Shangrila resort hotel Murree, nearby Punjab house Lawrence college road.
Contact info: +92 51 2802138, +92 521 3410692, +92 300 5002719
Email: shangrila_Murree@yahoo.com

9. Golden Dragon, Islamabad

Chinese food at Golden Dragon restaurant

If you’re looking for some Chinese restaurant in Pakistan with pure and authentic Chinese taste, then Golden Dragon is best place to dine for families and individuals. The restaurant offers the best Chinese cuisine in the city.

Restaurant’s interior has been decorated in traditional Chinese ways that attract the visitors and make them to come again and again to enjoy food in an elegant environment.

You can go for variety of soups, beef and chicken items, vegetable items, noodles, salads and many more. The prices are also very reasonable. Moreover, they are constantly adding new recipes to their menu list and making it more attractive for their guests. Quality and taste of the food available here are worth the time and money.

Location: Round Market, F7/3 Islamabad.
Contact info: +92 51 2610916
Email: info@goldendragonpakistan.com

10. Lock Wood Hotel, Murree

It is also one of the best restaurants in Murree. If you’re on your way to Murree and looking for some cozy place to stay and dine, then this is the best place for you. If you would like to spend time at a place with great hustle and bustle, then Lock Wood is what you should go for.

There are many best resort points around that are worth visiting, including Mall road that is famous for its great rush of people. They offer the most traditional Pakistani cuisine and Chinese foods at affordable price.

Location: Imtiaz Shaheed Road, Murree Pakistan.
Contact info: +92 51 3510112, +92 51 3410228
Email: info@lockwoodhotel.com

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