Top 5 Restaurants in Los Angeles

In this post, Zak will show us some of the best places to eat in L.A., starting with breakfast, to burgers, ice-cream, sushi and more, let’s get started.

1) Food Lab

One of the best spots for breakfast in Los Angeles is the “Food Lab”, they have amazing Avocado, waffles, cheese croissant and much more.

2) Burger Time

Best Burger in Los Angeles

The best burgers in L.A., the service is terrible, but the burgers are amazing, this restaurant has multiple locations all over Los Angeles.

3) Salt & Straw

“The best Ice-cream place ever”, and therefore it’s one of the best places to eat around the city.

4) Jon & Winny’s

Best Breakfast in Los Angeles

This is another great place for breakfast and for Italian food, they have healthy foods such as eggs and tasty foods such as pancakes, Nutella toast, donuts and much more…

5) The Izaka-ya

This Japanese restaurant is one of the best sushi places in L.A., make sure to make a reservation because usually you can never get a table. It is a traditional eatery, and this is the spot to eat the most delicious sushi.


These are just some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, please do let us know what is your favorite place to eat in town.

We would like to give thanks to Zak Longo and his girlfriend for creating this cool video!

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