Add a Restaurant

Add a restaurant

Are you a restaurant owner? Don’t miss the opportunity to present your local business on this site. You can add a new place to eat to this website by emailing us.

In order to add a restaurant to this website, please add a link to on the official website of the restaurant, and send an email to this address:, including the restaurant website URL with the link to this site, and more info about the restaurant, as mentioned below.


Please provide all the required information as such:

  • Restaurant name: the name of the restaurant.
  • Full description: 100+ words of original content written for this site about the place,
    (We can’t add content that can be found on other sites such as Yelp, Facebook etc… nor on the official website of the restaurant).
  • Type of cuisine and food
  • Full street address (including street & number, city, state, country and zip code).
  • Phone number
  • Official website URL
  • Full business hours
  • Google Maps page URL
  • Logo (as an attachment)
  • Menu(s)  – as an attachment or a link to the restaurant menu (optional).

Note: please write original description for this website – do not copy the content from your website or from other sites.
Write what your audience should know about the place, such as the food items, the location and more information in your own words.


You can add more information such as:

  • Social links URLs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc…)
  • Customer reviews.
  • Special instructions for directions.
  • Other relevant information (parking, history, about the chef / owners, your goals, anything you would like to share, etc…)


It might take us up to 72 hours to publish the information on our website.

Please send the information and contact us for more details via email: