Fast food restaurants that are open during Covid-19

Where can I eat fast food during the Coronavirus? Which place is open and safe to dine-in and how can I keep the rules in order to take care of others as well as myself and not to catch the disease. Suggestion: Think of how not to infect others with the virus, and you probably won’t be infected as well. Most […]

Traditional Hawaiian food recipes ideas

Hawaiian food is delicious. If you are traveling in Hawaii and you want to know what to eat in Hawaii or if you would like to learn to make Hawaiian food…

Top 5 Restaurants in Los Angeles

In this post Zak will show us some of the best places to eat in L.A., starting with breakfast, to burgers, ice-cream, sushi and more, let’s get started.

The most expensive restaurants in the U.S.

Most people in America are spending much money on things like clothes, jewelry, fancy cars and on what not? But there are some people that prefer to spend a portion of their salary on a romantic dinner, with good food which is prepared by a famous chef, and a glass of classic wine…