Top 5 favorite places to eat in Washington D.C.

Are you located in Washington D.C. and looking for some good food places? Here you can see recommendations, taken from a YouTube video, about five of the most favorite places to eat around DC.

5) Captain Cookie & the Milkman

Captain Cookie and the Milkman DC

This is a cute little place where you can go to get fresh cookies, ice-cream and milk, the cookies are made fresh right there every day, and they get their ice-cream and milk from local places, they are open late (until about 2AM), they also have food trucks around the city, and you can follow them on Twitter to find out what is their location.

4) Chinatown

This is a really cool part of the city, great place for shopping and lots of restaurants such as the China town Garden, which is a great place to eat Chinese food. Also, there is a restaurant by the name of “The Crepes on the walk” where you can order a bunch of yummy crepes with Nutella, bananas, strawberry and more…

3) DC Cafe

DC Cafe

This place is a Mediterranean restaurant, open late at night, it is a small cafe, you can order hummus which is one of the best hummus ever. They also have falafel and other types of Mediterranean foods.



It’s a little restaurant / bar where you can go to get grilled cheese sandwiches, this place is genius, they have superb salads and amazing cheese dishes, so if you like cheese you should check it out.

1) Founding Farmers

Everyone loves this place so much because they try to make everything from scratch, and they are using only local ingredients, you can really feel the difference in their food. It doesn’t matter what you get there, it will be delicious.


These are our top 5 places to eat in Washington D.C., thank you for reading and let us know what are your most favorite places to eat in Washington DC using the comments below.

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