Fast food restaurants that are open during Covid-19

Where to eat fast food COVID-19

Where can I eat fast food during the Coronavirus? Which place is open and safe to dine-in and how can I keep the rules in order to take care of others as well as myself and not to catch the disease.

Suggestion: Think of how not to infect others with the virus, and you probably won’t be infected as well.

Most fast food chains are closed for dining-in during this period. However, many of them are serving through drive-thru, they accept take-out orders and provide a food-delivery service.

Here you can view a list of fast-food restaurants and information on how they are operating under the effect of the Coronavirus.


All the locations that are owned by McDonald’s are closed. The play areas for kids are closed as well.

Most restaurants provide take-out, delivery and drive-thru. Franchisees might apply different changes in their conduct.

The employees at McDonald’s are implementing daily temperature checks to avoid corona infections.


All restaurants are closed. The take-out and drive-thru services are open.


The dining rooms are closed in the coronavirus period, some places provide a pickup option, you can order delivery or drive-thru.

Taco Bell

The locations are closed to seat and eat, but the fast food delivery, the carryout and the drive-thru and are open. Taco Bell franchisees are open or closed based on the environmental consent.

Burger King

Check out by calling to the closest BK location to you. Takeaway is available.


Take-out service is available via the app. Food delivery is also available.


All restaurants owned by Arby’s are closed. Drive-thru might be available, depending on your location.


If you’re looking for a sandwich, you have the option to order delivery or carryout. Subway restaurants are closed for diners.

Carl’s Jr

Starving to eat in Carl’s Jr near you? This might not be possible, but you can order delivery, visit the drive-thru or carryout.


All locations are closed. They are providing drive-thru and carryout where possible.


The restaurants are closed for diners. Ordering carryout is possible.


All the restaurants are closed, pickup and drive-thru options might be available, depending on the location.

Checkers and Rally’s

Pickup, food delivery and carryout options are available and the restaurants are closed.


The restaurants are closed and pickup/delivery options are available.


The locations of CFA are closed for diners, some locations offer drive-thru, other locations are providing delivery and carryout.

Shake Shack

Only carry-out, pickup and delivery are available. The places to eat are closed.


The restaurants are closed during Covid-19, you can order delivery, carry-out or pickup.

Raising Cane’s

The places that are owned by Raising Cane’s are closed. Delivery is available, as well as carryout and pickup.

Church’s Chicken

The locations owned by Church’s Chicken are closed, and they are providing drive-thru, delivery of food and carryout.


Unknown yet.

Dairy Queen

Franchisees are changing to provide only food delivery, drive thru and carryout.


The restaurants are closing their doors. Right now, only delivery, carry out, and pickup are available at Qdoba.

Del Taco

Most of the restaurants are closed during the time of the Coronavirus. Delivery, carryout and drive-thru are available.


Unknown yet.

Domino’s Pizza

Unknown yet. Check out by calling to Domino’s nearby you.

Pizza Hut

Most Pizza Hut locations are closed, and will offer pizza delivery and carryout options.

Dunkin’ Donuts

The opening hours of all locations has changed. They are not accepting diners, and they offer delivery, drive-thru and carryout.

Papa John’s

As much as we know, the restaurants of Papa John’s are now closed. The food delivery service is available.

Firehouse Subs

The restaurants are now closed and are offering delivery, drive-thru and pickup/carryout.

Panera Bread

Restaurants owned by Panera Bread are closed. They provide delivery, drive-thru, pickup and carryout.

Five Guys

Check out the hours of operation near you for dine-in as well as for pickup, carryout, drive-thru and delivery.

Panda Express

All restaurants in the US are closed. They are checking the temperature of their employees as needed.  Pickup, food delivery, carry-out and drive-thru are available.


All restaurants that do now provide drive-thru are closed, otherwise, drive-thru is the only option.

Noodles & Company

The hours of operation at Noodles & Company has been changed, they are providing only delivery, pickup and carryout.

Jack in the Box

The restaurants of JITB are closed and the options you’ve got are: pickup, drive-thru or to order a delivery.

Mod Pizza

All restaurants in the USA are closed. You can check out their pickup, carryout, and delivery options.

Jimmy John’s

The restaurants are closed but drive-thru, carryout and pickup might be available, depending on your location.

Little Caesars

Most of the locations are shifting to carryout, drive-thru and delivery.


All Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the U.S. are closed, however, you can order delivery, pickup or carryout to get your beloved fried chicken.

Do you know about another fast food restaurant that is operating and that we forgot to mention? Please comment below.

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