4 places to eat when in Memphis Tennessee

In this video by The Travelling Messenger, he suggests 4 places to eat when in Memphis, Tennessee. Let’s go on a journey and explore some of the best restaurants in the area.

1) Corky’s Bar-B-Q

“The best barbecue in Memphis” (Memphis Magazine)
So if you want the best BBQ in Memphis, come to Corky’s, you won’t regret it. This place is number 1 in catering, the catering menu is quite extensive, the food is irresistible and delicious, there is nothing like this.

2) Arcade Restaurant

This is a famous place which attracts a lot of artists and musicians worldwide (even Elvis was here!), and a few movies has been filmed in this place, they have amazing French toast.

3) Rendevous

As seen in the video, this is a very busy place, “it takes almost an hour to get in there, probably an hour to get out, but it’s definitely well worth it”. The restaurant is decorated nicely and looks really beautiful, with images of the USA president and celebrities. This supposed to be some of the best BBQ in Memphis, the food looks really delicious.

4) B.B. King’s

Last but not least, if you love soul food and live music, check out the famous B.B King’s, they have great food, beers, and you can listen to music, dance and have some good time, it is a fantastic place for celebrations, and the fish is so tasty.

4 places to eat when in Memphis Tennessee

Final note

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