The 5 best restaurants in Budapest

Budapest Best Restaurants

Happen to find yourself in the Hungarian capital and looking for quality and affordable restaurants in Budapest, Hungary?

In a country well known for its great food, spicy goulash stews and fantastic meat dishes, great places to eat are at every corner.

Here we list only a few Budapest restaurants to choose from, with a variety of different types of cuisine, styles and ambiance.

This by no means a complete list of the best restaurants in Budapest, but a short list we compiled to help you find good food, whatever your taste buds might be craving for.

1. Onyx Restaurant (closed temporarily)

Gourmet food at Onyx Restaurant

A relatively new restaurant Budapest has on its list of greats, the Onyx restaurant offers quality and innovation. With friendly staff and award-winning chefs, it is popular among the natives as well as international guests.

A gourmet restaurant, promising excellent dishes prepared from fresh, local ingredients. The interior is decorated in a neo-baroque style, elegant yet rich in its design, it should satisfy even those with the highest of standards.

1051 Budapest Vörösmarty tér 7-8. (Entrance from Harmincad street)
Tel. +36-30-508-0622

2. Baotiful

Baotiful is an Asian street food restaurant, perfect for those in need a quick delicious meal. Recommended by many returning customers for its tasty food with a variety of dishes to choose from, whether you have a taste for a mild or a little more piquant, spicy bite. Traditional in food preparation, diverse in selection – meat, vegetables, dumplings and desserts.

1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 17
Tel. +36 30 491 4349

3. Spoon Restaurant

Spoon Restaurant Budapest

A special attraction on this Budapest restaurant list is the ‘Spoon the Boat Restaurant‘. Aside from the obvious fact that it is a riverboat transformed into a restaurant, its appeal lies also in the fact that it can, due to its size (3 kitchens and 5 bars), serve a large number of people.

It offers a wide selection of traditional Hungarian dishes, as well as many international meals. Nowhere in Budapest can you find a place where you can have a better view of the Danube while dining. It can even host special events such as weddings, conferences and parties up to 600 seats.

1052 Budapest, Vigadó tér 3-as kikötő
Tel. +36 1 411 09 33

4. Menza Restaurant

Modern food at Menza Restaurant

Menza restaurant is a popular dining destination of a number of Budapest citizens, it is also one of the finest restaurants Budapest can offer its visitors. It gets its name from canteens in Hungary’s socialist era, but is by no means a lingering relic of that era – it is quite modern in its design as well as its menu.

Without remorse we could say it is the best restaurant in Budapest – a cheerful cafe, ideal for short business or social meetings, with a menu worthy of the classiest of restaurants at affordable prices.

1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 2
Tel. +36 1 413 1482

5. Fülemüle Restaurant

Fulemule Restaurant. Friendly atmosphere and excellent food makes this restaurant a popular meeting place and a location for holding business meetings, celebrating birthdays and many other special occasions.

Available for reservations for single tables or even the entire restaurant. It has great traditional Hungarian and regional dishes on the menu.

1085 Budapest, Kőfaragó utca 5
Tel. +36 1 266-7947

5 Best Budapest Restaurants

Best Restaurants in Budapest

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