Spice Thai

Thai restaurant

Spice Thai
  • Location: 39 E 13th St, Manhattan, NY 10003, United States
  • Phone: (212) 982-3758
  • Price: $$

Opening hours

  • Sunday: 12-9:30 pm
  • Monday: 11:30 am-10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am-10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am-10:30 pm
  • Thursday: 11:30 am-10:30 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am-11:30 pm
  • Saturday: 12:30-11:30 pm

Happy hours

  • Sunday: 12:30-6 pm
  • Monday: 11:30 am-7 pm
  • Tuesday: 11:30 am-7 pm
  • Wednesday: 11:30 am-7 pm
  • Thursday: 11:30 am-7 pm
  • Friday: 11:30 am-7 pm
  • Saturday: 12:30-6 pm

Food & drink

Spice Thai Food & drink


Spice Thai Vibe

Drunken noodles

Spice Thai Drunken noodles

Mai Tai

Spice Thai Mai Tai

Chicken Wings

Spice Thai Chicken Wings


Spice Thai Noodle

Lo mein

Spice Thai Lo mein

Pad thai

Spice Thai Pad thai

Spring roll

Spice Thai Spring roll

Street View

Spice Thai Street View

Menus and Prices

Spice Thai menu prices 1
Spice Thai menu prices 2
Spice Thai menu prices 3
Spice Thai menu prices 4
Spice Thai menu prices 5

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Spice Thai is a good place for food and a quick lunch bite alone or with a friend.
The atmosphere is livelier than most so it feels good to dine in.
Good deals for the price.
Honestly for what you pay… it’s a very good place.
For the price, it could be in a much crappier location with a crappier space / vibe.
But the location here is prime and the atmosphere / space is nice.
I come here because it’s cheaper than many places.
Those who complain come from a place of privilege.
For the normal people, this place is solid 👍🏼👍🏼

Was craving for drunken noodles and tom yum soup and the craving was satisfied, I knew Tom Yum soup has two versions like the clear one and the one with coconut milk in it but the tom yum soup at spice Thai didn't look like any of those two types that I have tasted before.
So, I was quite reluctant about the taste before I try but turns out it is so good too.
The drunken noodles also have authentic Thai taste but it was served in a bowl with unstable base so I had it changed into a plate.
And the price is so reasonable for the good taste.

The first impression of the restaurant was okay, however, things started to pop up that I was disappointed about.
The room was too dark with just one weak lamps on our table and it was hard for me to read the menu.
It took them quite a while to acknowledge us and did not notify us with the wait time.
The tofu rice was too salty for me which had me scoop the rice three times as I ate the tofu.
Really need to work on the customer experience, especially with the staffs' attentiveness and how quick they respond to the customers. 🫔 Pad Thai Spring Roll 🍛 Kao Pao Kai Sub 🍛 Two Tofu Over Rice (100% Vegan) 🍹 Pi Pi Island Shot 🍸 Mandarin Ro

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