Domino’s Pizza Near Me

Domino's Near Me

Are you looking for Pizza Domino’s near you open now? Would you like to order pizza for pick-up at the closest Domino’s restaurant?

Below you can see locations of Domino’s Pizza in the U.S, including street address, contact information and directions to the nearest Domino’s pizza shop to your location.

How to find Domino’s restaurants near me

1) Use the official locator

Where are the places to eat Domino’s Pizza near me now? Scroll down to read the answers on how to find Domino’s pizza restaurants around your area.

Search your location by street address, city, state or zip code on the official Dominos pizza locator, you can visit the locator here. Their locator looks like this:

Domino's Pizza Locator

You will see that “All Domino’s locations now open later”… you can search by zip code, and they will connect you to your local store. Also you can use their international website to select your country. This is the list of all of Domino’s locations worldwide:

Dominos Pizza Restaurants International

2) Use Google Maps

Search for Dominos Pizza on Google Maps to find a branch near you now, this is a map of all Domino’s locations in the U.S.

Dominos Pizza Locations

3) Use the search box of this site

Search on this page below for Dominos in your location, using the search box. See examples of a few popular searches:

  • Domino’s in New York City
  • Domino’s Pizza London
  • Domino’s near me open now
  • Etc.

Domino’s Pizza Phone number

If you want to find the phone number of the nearest Dominos to you, visit the official Dominos pizza locator. (See answer No. 1), or find a branch close to you using this website.

Domino’s Pizza Hours of operation

Most of Domino’s eating places are open daily from 10 am to 2 am the day after, and on weekends they are closing on 3 am. Please find your closest location to view the exact opening hours.

About Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is the second largest pizza chain around the world (The largest chain is Pizza Hut…). They have multiple locations, not only in the U.S. but all around the world. The pizza is considered tasty and crunchy, usually comes with a thick layer of hot cheese. The prices for pizza at Domino’s are average.

Dominos Pizza Restaurants USA


This site is not associated with Domino’s Pizza corporation, we only provide information about the hours and locations of the most well-known fast food places.