African restaurants near me

African restaurants near me

Are you looking for an African restaurant around you now? Use the map or the search box to find places to eat African food near your location.

The African cuisine

In most authentic African restaurants you can find rice based dishes, spicy stews and fish, roasted and barbecued meat and flat bread.

African food often consists of locally available meat such as beef or goat, dairy, different types of fruit and vegetables and grains, often rice.

The most popular foods in Africa

Popular African restaurants

Drelyse Restaurant Columbus, OH

Drelyse African Restaurant Columbus OH 43229
  • Cuisine: African
  • Address: 1911 Tamarack Cir N, Columbus, OH 43229
  • Phone: +1 614-430-3350
  • "A place to eat delicious African dishes in a beautiful cozy environment."

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Teranga Restaurant Boston, MA

Teranga Restaurant Boston MA
  • Cuisine: Senegalese / African cuisine
  • Address: 1746 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118
  • Phone: +1 617-266-0003
  • "One of the best places to eat fine Senegalese dining."

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