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Find the top local restaurants and places to eat fast-food near your location now. Places to Eat Near Me is here to help you locate the best restaurants to dine around you. Whether you seek to have a delicious breakfast in the morning, a mouthwatering lunch or a well-done dinner at night, simply search here and you’ll find plethora of restaurants near you.

We have covered hundreds of thousands of restaurants from different countries all over the world, so you can easily find lists of awesome local food establishments as well as fast-food restaurants that are open 24 hours and are located within just a few miles from you.

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Type in the search box below to find food near you. You can search here for any type of food nearby by zip code / city / state / country.

You can scroll down the page and select one of the options to see where are the nearest eating places around your area in the US, UK, Canada and in other popular destinations worldwide.

Find the best restaurants near me

I am looking to find good local restaurants near my location. Where can I eat healthy and tasty local food close by me now? Read the latest reviews about some of the most popular dining places in the world.

Popular restaurants

  • Simpsons Fine Dining Restaurant Birmingham UK


    Fine dining
    Address: 20 Highfield Rd, Edgbaston B15 3DU, UK
    Phone: +44 121 454 3434

  • Turners at 69 Fine Dining Restaurant Birmingham UK


    Fine dining
    Address: 69 High St, Birmingham B17 9NS, UK
    Phone: +1 617-654-9900

  • O Ya Sushi Restaurant

    O Ya

    Sushi restaurant
    Address: 9 East St, Boston, MA 02111, USA
    Phone: +1 617-654-9900

  • Adams Fine Dining Restaurant Birmingham UK


    Modern British cuisine
    Address: New Oxford House, 16 Waterloo St, Birmingham B2 5UG, UK
    Phone: +44 121 643 3745

  • Sam LaGrassa's Sandwich Restaurant Boston MA

    Sam LaGrassa’s

    Sandwich restaurant
    Address: 44 Province St, Boston, MA 02108, USA
    Phone: (617) 357-6861

  • Hockinson Cafe at Battle Ground WA

    Hockinson Cafe at Battle Ground

    American cuisine.
    Address: 219 NW 20th Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Phone: (360) 687-2700

  • NY Fold Pizza Restaurant London UK

    NY Fold pizza London

    New York Style Pizza.
    Address: 103 Charing Cross Rd, Soho, London WC2H 0DT, UK
    Phone: 020 7287 6633

  • Bandera Restaurant Chicago


    American cuisine.
    Address: 535 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 USA
    Phone: (312) 644-3524

Find fast food restaurants near me

I would like to locate fast food restaurants close by here, which are the best fast-food places to dine around me? You’ve come to the right place, scroll down below to find the most suitable fast food restaurant near you.

Popular fast-food restaurants

  • Chick Fil A Near Me

    Chick Fil A near me

    Where can I find Chick Fil A near me? Chick Fil A is an American fast food restaurant that provides Chicken sandwiches.

  • Chili's near me

    Chili’s near me

    I would like to eat in the nearest Chili’s grill & bar, where can I find Chili’s near me?

  • Little Caesars Near Me

    Little Caesars near me

    Where can I find Little Caesars near me? Little Caesars Pizza is considered one of the largest pizza restaurants around the world. Today we will talk about how to find Little Caesars locations nearby.

  • Arby's near me

    Arby’s near me

    Where can I find Arby’s near me? Arby’s is one of the top fast food sandwich places with many locations around the USA…

  • Hardee's near me

    Hardee’s near me

    Where is the closest Hardee’s around here now? How to locate Hardee’s near me? The article on this page should help you find Hardee’s restaurant close to you 24 hours.

  • Ruby Tuesday near me

    Ruby Tuesday near me

    I am looking for Ruby Tuesday restaurant near me, where can I find Ruby Tuesday around here? It that is your question, continue reading this post to find locations nearby.

  • Denny's near me

    Denny’s near me

    Where is the nearest Denny’s? How can I find Denny’s near me now? In this post we will help you locate Denny’s around your location, see the options below to get the best answers!

  • KFC Near Me

    KFC near me

    Is there a KFC near me? I am looking to find KFC around my location now.

Find food delivery around my location

I want to order food delivery from local restaurants in my area. How to order food online 24 hours? Which restaurants offer food delivery near me? Here you can find places that deliver near your location 24/7 and see which restaurants offer the fastest deliveries.

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How do I find a place near me to eat

Find restaurants

Simply select your current location by city / state / country and your favorite cuisine / foods to find a restaurant close to you.

Note that the information provided on this website includes details such as locations, street addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation, maps and reviews about the top places to eat around the world.

What kind of restaurants can I find here

This website allows you to explore different cuisines, including but not limited to Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Asian, Greek, Italian, etc.

You can also find different kind of foods that restaurants near you has to offer such as: Sushi, Greek Salad, Chicken Tikka, Jalapeno Soup, Italian Pasta, Hummus, Tahini, and even Falafel, etc.

You can search a variety of foods via the search box: ‘lunch near my location’ / ‘best foods to eat’.

How many locations are here to explore?

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