Kitchen on George

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Kitchen on George
  • Location: 351A George St, Mobile, AL 36604, United States
  • Price: $$$

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Food was great, service was impeccable.
Our server remembered my friend who had dined with him about a month ago! He made excellent recommendations and was very knowledgeable about the menu.
Food came out in a timely manner and was delicious.
Must try the Duck Confeit Spring Rolls.
Would return to try new items and dessert!

This place is like the set of Steel Magnolias.
There are ladies in here with southern drawls and afternoon tea.
The food is delicious.
That's the best shrimp and grits I've had (sorry Dante's Kitchen...) and those fries are thin curls soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

My boyfriend made reservations for Friday night at 7:30.
We arrived 30 mins early & was given the option of waiting for our reserved time or to go ahead & be seated.
We decided to wait at the bar where we ordered a dirty martini and a gin & tonic (both drinks were good.) We were seated on time, but service was slow.
The food was excellent! With every bite was a new welcoming flavor.
Portions are healthy.
The size of what we should eat at every meal. American’s are so used to larger portions which is one reason why we’re an obese country, so I didn’t mind the portion size.
We actually took home leftovers! We’ll definitely be back on occasion. We got the duck spring rolls (6/10) mushroom soup(10/10) & I ordered the beef tenderloin(10/10) which was cooked perfectly! It was so tender it melted in my mouth!