The most healthy fast food choices

Healthy Fast Food Choices

The title might sound confusing to many people, since it is a general believe that “fast foods are full of unhealthy and unnatural ingredients and can only harm health”. Today, let us address this misconception.

“Fast Food”, as the name indicates is food that is made and served faster than traditional homemade food. This usually refers to food produced in large quantities and all the ingredients are readily available to be assembled in different ways to give you a complete meal such as burgers, subs, pizzas, tacos, etc.

Unhealthy fast food examples

This is an image of not so healthy fast food

Many of them do contain some products that might have artificial flavors which can be harmful, but not all the things that fast food restaurants serve are injurious to health.

Healthy food is usually that food which has less amount of bad fat and cholesterol, which provides less number of calories and which does not contain any material that is dangerous to be ingested.

Here are a few examples:

Healthy Fast Food Meals by Popular Restaurants

1) Taco Bell’s Soft Tacos with Shredded Chicken and Rice with Beans: Taco Bell claims to serve only low-calorie food to its customers, and when we see some of its meals it looks like they really do, for instance, shredded chicken burritos which contain just the right amount of fat and proteins.

However, they have a high sodium content in their food, and hypertensive patients should eat it with care.

2) McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and Burgers: No one can tell you that its 100% safe to eat patties that have processed meat, but you can take just the round amount of calories and proteins by keeping your serving size in check.

Order burgers, bearing in mind the fats and calories you are taking in. Nuggets provide a right amount of calories and proteins, and you can eat a lot of them before your limit is reached.

3) Subway: It is the best when you want to eat healthy since you can add or remove stuff that you think might be unhealthy for you.

Turkey Breast Subs or Tuna sub or Veggie subs all of them can be customized by you to give you a healthy meal.

4) Burger King: Burger King has been found to serve meals that have a balanced amount of fats with proteins and carbohydrates.

Whether you order a salad with TenderGrill chicken sandwich or some Beef sandwich, it won’t cross the line of 500 calories. If you prefer a big sized meal, then that is another matter.

You can even order their Value Sized Onion Rings with their meals without worrying about calories.

5) KFC’s Twister and Salad: You can stay well within the limits of your daily requirement of calories by eating this meal.

A twister will surely fill your stomach for your lunch or dinner. While a salad meal is definitely a good healthy option to consider. KFC has a wide variety of burgers whose meal size you can choose according to your need.

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Fast Foods That You Can Make At Home

You can make some of the foods that are available in your favotire restaurants at home; it is even better and healthier to make your own food since all the ingredients are chosen by you, and you can decide which kind of food is better for you.

Some of the meals that are available in restaurants have lesser calories and a good number of healthy fats and proteins. Some examples are:

Delicious and healthy Homemade fast food

Fast Food DIY

1) Egg McMuffin: When this is made at home, it is better since you can decide which oil you use to fry the eggs.

Other than that, you can also keep the sodium level low and can add more fibers to make this. You will get lesser calories and more fibers, which will keep your stomach full for a longer time.

2) Mozzarella Sticks: You might be shocked to read about these here, but one mozzarella stick only has 98 calories when made at home, it’s not much, is it? So eat these while you have nothing else to eat and need instant food.

Don’t wait in line for these at a fast food joint when you can make these at home with much lesser calories and in greater quantities.

3) Chicken Sandwiches: You can make these easily at home with fried or boiled chicken while mixed with mayo or some other sauce.

It will fill your empty tummy at the same time, providing you with carbohydrates as well as proteins to give you enough energy to last through the day. You don’t have to worry about eating unhealthy either as it has the simplest of ingredients.

4) Spring Rolls: You can fill the covering with any vegetable you like as well as shredded chicken pieces.

You can add anything you want, fried and non-fried, depending on your preference. It won’t be a disturbing your calorie intake routine and will also provide you with delicious, crunchy food.

5) Mac And Cheese: One of the ultimate favorite foods of kids and adults alike is Mac and Cheese which can be eaten at any time of the day.

You can add vegetables such as cauliflower and other leaves to make it crunchy and tastier. It won’t be a burden on your conscience, and you can enjoy your favorite meal when hungry.

From the above discussion, it can be seen that we can have fast foods while keeping our body maintained.

It is not that difficult if we become a bit picky about the stuff we order at fast food restaurants or about the stuff we make at home. Fast foods are a blessing for those who can not cook due to lack of time, a bit of research and consideration can help you utilize these services perfectly and without gaining weight or putting toxic substances in your body.

A bit of exercise or even walking can also help you maintain your health perfectly well. Food and exercise should always go hand in hand.

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