Fama’s Restaurant

Fama’s Pizza and Pasta Restaurant Orlando Florida

Fama’s Pizza and Pasta restaurant is a small casual family restaurant which specializes in Italian servings.

Located on the busy street of Williams Burn Downs Shopping Centre, the restaurant is one of the most favorite amongst the locals.

It is owned by Antonia and Franco Petrarca, the restaurant specializes in Pastas and Pizzas.

Heart shaped pizza at Fama's Restaurant

Along with Pizzas and Pastas, there are also some other Italian dishes available in the menu for the customers.

The restaurant was started by Antonio Petrarca who migrated from a small town in Italy. It was his love for Pizza that motivated him to open this small joint.

There are no fancy light works or other décor in the dining hall but it does provides a warm and clean place to dine.

As it is very favourite amongst the locals, the restaurant gets full easily which is why it’s recommended that you book your table in advance.

Fama’s is one of the very few restaurant which is open for all the seven days a week and can be a perfect destination for all those who are carving for pasta or pizza.

They not only host individuals but are also welcome of small get together.

Fama’s Restaurant Menu

There are complete authentic Italian food available in the menu.

As the most important item of the joint is Pizza, one can find a wide variety it divided into three categories.

Pizzas at Fama's Pizza and Pasta

Normal Pizza consists of couple of varieties of cheese pizza where as there are many varieties in Speciality and gourmet Pizzas.

After Pizza, Pasta is also the house speciality which is again divided into three categories.

Most of the pasta dishes allows user to choose from wide range of sauces and add on. There are also specially made baked paste dishes which are served with parmesan cheese and bread.

There are also other side dishes and subs available in the menu.

In terms of the range none of the menu is overpriced with extra-large pizza ranging up to $24.00.

Restaurant's information

  • Address: 5474 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32821
  • Phone: +1 407-239-1500
  • Email: famasrestaurant@gmail.com
  • Cuisine: Italian Pizzeria
  • Prices: $$

Opening hours

  • Sunday: 17:00-22:00
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 15:00-21:30
  • Wednesday: 15:00-21:30
  • Thursday: 15:00-21:30
  • Friday: 15:00-21:30
  • Saturday: 15:00-21:30


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