Be Raw Food and Juice

Be Raw Food and Juice

Update: This restaurant is closed.

Be Raw Food and Juice offers fresh food and juice, located nearby the South Paw’s organic cafe, in Dallas, Texas 75225, it is a great place to eat for vegetarians and vegans.

Be Raw Dallas - Vegan Food

Be Raw offers a gluten-free cuisine with organic food and sugar-free options, but can also fit for non-vegetarians.

The menu

In the menu there is a section for breakfast with Donut Holes for $8 and Acai Bowl for $9, they have entrees such as the Bliss Burger for $15, and they also have different sandwiches, salads, sides and desserts.

More info

In addition, there are cooking classes in the restaurant, the classes are not just for adults, but also for children.

Visit Be Raw Restaurant in Dallas at 6005 Berkshire Ln, for reservations and more information call to (214) 234-0106

Restaurant's information

  • Address: 6005 Berkshire Ln, Dallas, TX 75225
  • Phone: +1 214-234-0106
  • Email:
  • Cuisine: Vegan
  • Prices: $$


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