Places to eat in Portland, OR

Would you like to find a nice restaurant in Portland, OR? A few good restaurants in the city are Mother’s Bistro & Bar, The Country Cat, Screen Door and Pok Pok PDX, use the map provided on this page to find restaurants and local places to eat around your area in Portland, Oregon.

Popular restaurants in Portland, OR

Shut Up and Eat

  • Address: 3848 SE Gladstone St, Portland, OR 97202
  • Phone: +1 503-719-6449
  • Cuisine: Sandwiches
  • "A nice place to be quiet and dine for breakfast/lunch/dinner..."

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  • Address: 1239 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205
  • Phone: +1 503-222-9070
  • Cuisine: Seasonal
  • "A place to eat seasonal food with salads, vegetables and greens..."

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Mother’s Bistro & Bar

  • Address: 212 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97204
  • Phone: +1 503-464-1122
  • Cuisine: Bistro
  • "This is a place to eat not only the amazing dishes of Lisa..."

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The House of Ramen

  • Address: 223 SW Columbia St, Portland, OR 97201
  • Phone: +1 971-279-5757
  • Cuisine: Ramen soups
  • "This is a place to eat probably one of the best Ramen noodles..."

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Pok Pok PDX

  • Address: 3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202
  • Phone: +1 503-232-1387
  • Cuisine: Thai
  • "A favorite place to eat by many of the locals..."

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Iorio Restaurant

  • Address: 912 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214, USA.
  • Phone: +1 503-445-4716
  • Cuisine: Italian cuisine
  • "A place where you can learn how to cook traditional Italian dishes..."

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Screen Door Restaurant

  • Address: 2337 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214, USA
  • Phone: +1 503-542-0880
  • Cuisine: American restaurant, Southern cuisine
  • "The food is traditional and tasty..."

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The Country Cat

  • Address: 7937 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215, USA.
  • Phone: +1 503-408-1414
  • Cuisine: American cuisine
  • "A great place to eat classic American dishes..."

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