Star Kitchen Denver, CO

Star Kitchen Denver CO

Star Kitchen is a Chinese seafood restaurant located in a modest strip-mall Denver, CO 80219. They are providing fast service, and awesome dim sum.

And regarding to the live lobsters, if you buy 1 you get 1 free. Nice deal! View an image of the food served in Star Kitchen Denver below.

Food at Star Kitchen Denver

Visit the place at 2917 W Mississippi Ave or get more info by phone call: 303.936.0089

Restaurant's information

Opening hours

  • Sunday: 10:00-23:00
  • Monday: 10:30-22:30
  • Tuesday: 10:30-22:30
  • Wednesday: 10:30-22:30
  • Thursday: 10:30-22:30
  • Friday: 10:30-22:30
  • Saturday: 10:00-23:00


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