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Mini Kabob is an Armenian restaurant, located in Glendale, CA, and it is one of the first Armenian cuinines around Glendale.

It is a great place to eat authentic Armenian kababs, chicken on the grill, and many more delicious dishes.

Read a recommendation about Mini Kabob in the press on LA Times.

Visit the restaurant at 313 1/2 Vine Street, for more information, make a phone call or send an email.

Kababs at Mini Kabob

Restaurant's information

Opening hours

  • Sunday: 11:00-18:00
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: 11:00-18:00
  • Wednesday: 11:00-18:00
  • Thursday: 11:00-18:00
  • Friday: 11:00-18:00
  • Saturday: 11:00-18:00


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