What to eat before bed and what not

What to eat before bed - bananas

In today’s world, with all the pressure and the urgency we’re living in, many of us are not sleeping well at night, it’s because we are always thinking on the things NEED, and not the things we WANT.

With that said, there are a few other things that can impact our quality of sleeping, one of them is the things we are eating before bed, therefore, today I would like to discuss about what are healthy things you should eat before going bed time.

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What not to eat before bed

So before we jump in to what to eat before bed, let’s talk briefly about what NOT to eat before bed, what you don’t want to put in your mouth before going to sleep are things like: cheeseburger, chicken, pizza, chocolate, any type of fast foods, Coca-Cola, Coffee and of course, any Alcoholic drinks.

The truth is, that there is an argument about if you should actually eat anything before going to bed or not, but we will talk on that matter later on.

What to eat before bed

So, here are foods you should consider eating before bed, and the benefits you will get from each food listed.

Healthy food to eat before bed - Avocado

1) Bananas

Benefit: The magnesium which can be found in Bananas are known for relaxing the muscles.

2) Turkey

Benefit: There is a lot of protein in Turkey and it helps the body feel fulfilled.

3) Greek yogurt

Benefit: The yogurt is a tasty snack that contains tryptophan which is essential Amino acid we must get through foods.

4) Strawberries

Benefit: Why Strawberries? It is tasty and it’s much healthier than chocolate, especially before bed.

5) Avocados

Benefit: The avocado contains healthy fats, and it can satisfy the hunger before bed.

6) Carbohydrate

Benefit: Food that contain carbs makes us feel heavy and tired, especially in the middle of the day, but could be a great solution for the ones who need to feel that at night as well.


As mentioned, expert will argue if eating late at night before bed is healthy or not, but if you decide to eat anything, try to pick the healthier choices you’ve got, and you will have a great sleep. Carbohydrates are great for those who have difficulty sleeping and they will help you feel tired.

What are you usually eating before you’re going to bed? Let us know in the comments…

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