Sun Cuisines Restaurant

Sun Restaurant Buffalo NY

Sun Cuisines is a Burmese restaurant located in Buffalo, New York 14207.

The owners at Sun restaurant says that they understand that their customers wants healthy and unique food.

The menus at Sun includes a lunch menu, dinner menu, black rice bar, take-out and beverages.

Reservations at Sun restaurant in Buffalo are available via phone call (716-447-0202).

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Sun Cuisines Opening Hours

The hours of operation at Sun restaurant

Restaurant's information

  • Address:1989 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14207, USA.
  • Phone:+1 716-447-0202
  • Cuisine:Burmese cuisine
  • Rating:3.9 / 5
  • Website:

Opening hours

  • Sunday:12:00-21:30
  • Monday:11:30-15:00, 16:30-22:00
  • Tuesday:11:30-15:00, 16:30-22:00
  • Wednesday:11:30-15:00, 16:30-22:00
  • Thursday:11:30-15:00, 16:30-22:00
  • Friday:11:30-15:00, 16:30-22:00
  • Saturday:12:00-22:30


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