Northern China Restaurant

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Northern China restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located right near the Unique Blends store, on the corner of Muldoon Rd / E 3rd Ave in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Northern Chinese restaurant provides incredibly tasty dishes for lunch in Anchorage.

There is a big parking area around the restaurant.

Here there is relevant information about the place. Info such as their phone number, street address and directions to the place.

Restaurant's information

  • Address:353 Muldoon Rd, Anchorage, AK 99504, USA.
  • Phone:+1 907-337-1912
  • Cuisine:Chinese food
  • Rating:3.8 / 5

Opening hours

  • Sunday:11:00-22:00
  • Monday:11:00-22:00
  • Tuesday:11:00-22:00
  • Wednesday:11:00-22:00
  • Thursday:11:00-22:00
  • Friday:11:00-22:00
  • Saturday:11:00-22:00


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