An interview with the manager assistant at Guy Savoy Restaurant

Guy Savoy Restaurant Interview

This is an interview with Carole Teyant, a manager assistant at Guy Savoy. We would like to thank Carole who have taken the time to answer our questions, below you can read the full interview.

How long have you been working at Guy Savoy?

For 10 years.

Have you worked in other restaurants before? (If the answer is yes, in which one?)

Yes, at “Alain Passard” (2002-2003) and at “Hélène Darroze” (2005-2007).

How did you get the work in Guy Savoy?

I was interested in the personality of Mr. Guy Savoy, so I have tried my luck sending my resume to the restaurant… And have been engaged!

How is it to work at Guy Savoy Restaurant? (Please describe what makes this place unique from a worker point of view).

The rigorous manners, the well-done work, the knowhow, the quality of the selected produces, and the high level of French cuisine.

What is your favorite meal at Guy Savoy? Please describe it, include ingredients and the price.

“Love”! “La Soupe d’Artichaut”: an artichoke soup with black truffles and Parmesan shavings; layered mushrooms brioche spread with truffle butter.

What are the things customers likes the most about the restaurant?

They are very touched by the quality of the service which is attentive/thoughtful and always done in a “good mood”.

What are 3 things nobody knows about Guy Savoy restaurant?

We propose all dishes in half portion; The waiters prepare a lot of dishes in front of the guest, an art which is less and less practiced the aestheticism of the different rooms but also the kitchen. Art is everywhere, even in the kitchen with a Bouddha head of David Mach, a painting from Franck Boy and a drawing from Joaquin Jimenez.

What do you recommend to order for dinner at Guy Savoy?

Tomato hearts and cherry tomatoes. Salmon frozen on ice, hot consommé, lemon ‘pearls’. Artichoke soup with black truffle; layered truffled mushroom brioche. Barbecued Pigeon, young peas, giblet jus (homage to Leonie). Coco, Choco.

All this dishes in half portion.

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