10 best restaurants in India

Best Restaurants in India

The world has come a long way since Adam and Eve; while that worthy had no better gift to entice his sweetheart, his descendants have been much more innovative and enterprising down the millenia.

The lady of today will never tolerate not being treated to a costly dinner at a fine-dining restaurant or in her favorite local eatery.

An apple or some such romantic gift will be welcome as a starter in addition to other inducements but enjoying good food is almost always a premium part of celebrating a happy occasion.

Choosing a restaurant for your particular purpose may not be such an uphill task locally, but choosing and ranking restaurants can be a totally different cup of tea; the reason being that there are so many fantastic places to dine out that no ranking can ever be conclusive, without controversy or debate.

So, the best that we can do under the circumstances is to choose who we think is best without worrying about the opinions of others. Hence, the restaurants that we included here are, without an iota of doubt the best.

Bukhara, New Delhi

Any mention of the top restaurants in India is incomplete if you overlook the Bukhara which is a legend in the art of cooking and serving; this place is too good and its ambience and tasty dishes have earned this restaurant the name as a heavyweight amongst lesser entities.

Housed in the ITC Maurya in New Delhi, it even boasts of a younger brother in Dum Pukht which happens to be located in the same premises; it is one of the best known restaurants of India, almost like a legend.

So, go ahead and enjoy the pampering and the delight of its amazing dishes in a royal setting. Daal Bukhara is of course the signature dish, but everything here is a masterpiece; it has earned almost all the titles and awards in the market.

ITC Maurya, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 011 33106385

The Bangala, Karaikudi

Staying or just eating at the Bangala, Karaikudi, which has earned all the superlatives that the hospitality and tourism trades can offer, can be a virtual delight.

It introduces a heritage site set in the royal Chettinad region of Tamilnadu that falls on the highway connecting Rameshwaram to Trichy.

You should visit The Bangala restaurant if you are a connoisseur of good taste, enjoys fantastic unique foods, loves to explore diverse cultures and likes to wallow in the beauty of the countryside.

Much has been said about this authentic restaurant which serves food on the traditionally prevalent Banana leaf; the mastery over the spices and the calm of the place narrate quite a few tales of Chettinad splendor.

From its ambience to its innovations in traditional and contemporary cuisine, this is also one of the top places to eat in India.

The Bangala is located in Chettinad on the Trichy – Rameshwaram highway
+91 44 24934851 / +91 4565220221

Indian Accent, New Delhi

Let me begin by saying that, if you want to enjoy the perfection of Indian cuisine with an awesome fusion of culinary presentation of modern forms and traditional foods, there is no other place like the Indian Accent restaurant.

However, never dare to go there without making a reservation, since there are many who wish to avail of the formal and dignified services in the ambience that is so special.

Its South Delhi location ensures, that for the crème de la crème, this restaurant is not too far way.

No wonder it emerged as Asia’s top 50 restaurants last year (2015); it is housed in The Manor in Friends colony.

The Manor, 77, Friends Colony, New Delhi
+91 43235151 / +91 9871117968

Hotel Shadab, Hyderabad

The sleepy old city area of Hyderabad has its own claimants to a slightly different cuisine which is a smash hit right from the days of the Nizam of Hyderabad and his royal kitchens and palaces.

The authentic Hyderabadi food is in the flavor of the Deccan with its fantastic dishes that tickle the palate and stand out distinctly from other forms of cuisines.

It’s a veritable feast at the Shadab which has many competitors and sees families thronging in their dozens so that no seat is vacant in the various sections that serve up the Sumptuous Biryani or the Niharis or Haleem.

Sheekhampuri kebabs, Pakistani Chicken and Kurbani ka meetha are only a few of the dishes for which the Shadab restaurant is famous for.

Plot 21, Opposite Madina Building, High Court Road, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad
040 24565949 040 24561648

The Peshawri, Mumbai

The Peshawri has the same ethnic background and food culture that sits in the heart of the traditional Indian homes; but then, excellence is no one’s exclusive preserve.

Whenever, good food at the Peshawri is mentioned, it is a foregone conclusion that some reference to Bukhara will also come up in the same breath.

Its menu card is a set of wooden blocks and highly detailed; the earthen crockery takes you back to the muddy days of the frontier Gandhi. However, the stools can be a put-off for the heavy-bodied guests. The traditional Indian dish like Daal is as famous as a number of other delights.

Located in Andheri East in the premises of The ITC Maratha, Mumbai, it is the automatic haunt of all classes of people who cherish authentic Punjabi food.

ITC Maratha, Sahar Road, Chakala, Mumbai +91 22 30151699

Wasabi by Marimoto, New Delhi

This is another example of excellence, Japanese this time, that cannot just be surpassed, just rarely equaled.

The restaurant in the Taj Hotel of Delhi is serving authentic traditional Japanese delicacies that have made a legend out of Chef Masaharu Marimoto.

He has delved deep into the recesses of Japanese and fusion cooking and has a variety of improvised sauces along with those perfectly cooked Teppanyakis, the Tempuras and his mouth-watering Sushi preparations.

The Japanese preparations and beverages at Taj Palace, Mumbai also have many variations that stun the palate of the customer; the foremost would be Guacamole Pani Puri followed, apart from others, with Iberico Ham with figs and crab samosas washed down with Japanese Rice Wine or Japanese Beer.

The Taj Mahal Hotel, 1, Mansingh Road, New Delhi +91 66513585 +9166513584

Villa Maya, Trivandrum

Its looks and ambience reek of royalty and like-minded individuals who love nothing like the laid back solitude that it portrays, just love it.

Set in a restored Dutch manor from the 18th Century, it depicts the simple pleasure of relaxing in a bungalow with a comfortable elegant surrounding compound.

The food retains the remnants of the cultures of far away lands since the visitors from Italy and Morocco left a part of their food culture to merge with the contemporary tastes to produce fare that is mouth-watering and delectable.

Apart from the influence of the spice trading, the coastal abundance of fish has the effect of adding familiar food items that are versatile and tasty while being light on the body.

Airport Road, Trivandrum | Vallakadavu, Trivandrum 69 +91 471257890

Hotel Saravana Bhawan, Chennai

Hotel Saravana Bhawan is not just a hotel in the quaint South Indian mould; it is a veritable industry which feeds the masses of Chennai with fare and provides a peak into the authentic taste of South Indian food in general and Tamil ethnic food in particular.

It has branches all over India and has its majestic presence even in foreign lands. Saravana Bhawan provides amazing, innovative dishes exceeding 350 and has adopted more than 11 styles of cooking to overwhelm its patrons. From Chennai to New York to New Delhi and beyond, the crowds say it all.

19, Andavar Koil Street, Vadapalani – Chennai – 600026
+91 44 24802577 / +9144 24734477

Agashiye, Ahmedabad

Agashi means terrace in Gujarati.

Gujaratis are by nature very detailed and painstakingly particular about what they eat and how; to them, a few hours spent in preparing a large number of dishes in small amounts to provide a delight par excellence as long as the taste is perfect.

It is touted as The House of MG since 1924; no, not Mahatma Gandhi, but Mangal Giridharadas; it consists of two rooftop restaurants connected together by a cottage in the middle.

And, its food is simply marvelous due to which it has been ranked as one of the top restaurants in India by many travelers.

It also has indoor seating and the food served is unlimited to test your eating prowess; it is located across the Sabarmati River in old Ahmedabad.

Not surprisingly, there is no a-la-carte ordering, you just have to go in and enjoy the vast array of the most delightful Gujarati traditional foods.

Located at Lal Darwaja, its Khichdi Kadhi is a delight.

The House Of MG, Sidi Saiyed Jali,Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad +91 79 25506946

Author’s privilege:

Nanking Restaurant, Secunderabad

The author takes the privilege of mentioning a restaurant in Secunderabad, AP which has people queuing up to have dinner at this exclusively Chinese restaurant that boasts of the best Chinese food in Hyderabad; it has no stars nor does it need any testimony bigger than the big B.

It seems that whenever Amitabh Bacchan visits Hyderabad, his food is exclusively served by Nankings, Secunderabad.

It is featured as a legendary outlet serving pan Asian food.

So, dear readers, this is just a small effort to bring you close to the best eating houses of India without delving too much on the 5-star culture though, wherever excellence abounds, recognition is prompt to follow.

103, Near Smile Super Speciality Dental Hospital, Park Lane,Paradise Circle, Secunderabad
040 33165648

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