3 nutritional tips anyone can do in order to be energetic

Nutritional Tips by Efrat Sharon

Written by Efrat Sharon – Pharmacist, Iridologist and holistic therapist.

Most people care about their health.

Some read books, articles in the newspaper or on the net, some go to doctors, some ask their skinny friends about their nutrition secrets, but most of us take information here and there trying to swing it as we go along with our lives…

But we still feel that we can do better, especially when it comes to our morning energy.

How did I come to know about health and nutrition?

As a child I was a chubby girl, my mom used to hide candies from me and tried hard to make me eat vegetables, which I hated. She signed me up for diet groups and courses and kept reminding me that I shouldn’t eat this, or that, because I am fat. So I always felt bad about my body & wanted to find tricks to make myself healthier & thinner, but still to enjoy eating delicious food…

This feeling became a desire that lead me to spend most of my adult life studying and learning about nutrition and health.

Here are three of the most important tips I have learned and teach my patients, how to give your day a healthy and energetic start:

Tip no. 1:”In the morning eat like a king…”

Nutritional Morning Tip Eat Like a King Lion Image

Eat like a king

700 years ago, lived “The Rambam”- rab Moses Ben Mimon, a cabbalist, a doctor, a philosopher and a scientist, whose writings about nutrition, health and eating habits were published all over the world and are now being proved by science.

He wrote in his manual scripts: “In the morning eat like a king, at noon like a prince and in the evening like a pauper”. Recent researches from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, and the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried, Germany, showed that it is not only important what we eat, but when we eat it.

The researchers found, the body clock controls the optimum times for sugar- and fat-burning in the body, suggesting that people who eat most of their calories in the morning and until noon, instead of in the evening & late at night, are less likely to become overweight and obese and develop chronic diseases, such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Most of us are in a hurry in the morning, we grab a cup of coffee, maybe a muffin or a sandwich and run off to work. We usually don’t have time to eat our main meal until the evening when we come back home and most likely we shall sit in front of TV. Or computer screens until late at night with our favorite snack & soft drink. We know its’ not good for us, but what can we do to lead a better healthier lifestyle with this demanding schedule?

Tip no 2: replace your morning coffee with a cup of water with lemon followed by a cup of warm green tea.

Nutritional tip drink cup of water with lemon

Water with lemon

When we wake up in the morning, our body is still tired and it is dehydrated. That is why we feel thirsty in the morning. Our muscles rested during our sleep, but many systems in our body worked very hard cleaning our blood system from toxins & acidity.

In order to clean our blood, systems like the lungs, liver and kidneys work when we are fast asleep and toxins are washed out with water through breathing & sweating throughout our sleep & through urinating when we wake up. We lose approximately 0.2 gallon of water every night, water that we must return to our body.

I suggest to my patients to first drink a cup of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, as soon as they wake up, this will immediately slake your bodies’ thirst and give your liver powerful antioxidants to clean it. After a few minutes I suggest to drink a cup of warm green tea.

Why drink green tea and not coffee?

Most of us run to make a cup of coffee hoping to wake up fast and resume lost liquids.

But when we choose our morning drink, we need to remember that it has to give our body back the water we had lost during the night and it has to give us healthy energy that lasts for hours.

Coffee will give you that kick of energy that you need, but not for long, Its affect on the nerves is very short and soon you will feel a crash in your energy, which will lead to another cup of coffee and another, or cravings for sweets full of sugar, a fast energy booster that will eventually make you gain weight & deteriorate your health.

The caffeine in coffee is also a powerful diuretic, what makes it a poor choice for a rehydration drink.

I recommend that you start your day with a big cup of any warm herbal tea, but not black tea, because if you drink a lot of black tea, it can damage Iron absorption. Green tea is my favorite, because it is full of antioxidants that revive our cells, keep them from destruction and give us healthy natural energy to start the day that lasts for hours without energy crashes.

Green tea is antibacterial, antiviral, anti carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and helps our blood circulation system & heart health. If you need another boost of energy, you can add a teaspoon of natural sweetener like honey, dates syrup, Stevia extract or coconut sugar.

Choosing the right drinks in the morning will help give your thirsty body the right head start for an energetic and successful day.

Some of you at this point are probably thinking: “I am not a “king”; I don’t have time or the privilege to cook and eat a full, nutritious king’s breakfast in the morning.

What should I eat before running to work?

Tip no. 3: follow your morning tea, by a fruit and vegetable, 5 minutes shake for breakfast.

Nutritional tip fruit vegetable 5 minutes breakfast shake

Shake for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal during the day.

It is very important not to skip it and to choose wisely what you eat in it. It can determine the rest of your day. Scientific research shows that people who eat a healthy breakfast are slimmer, more energetic during the day, healthier & their brain activity reaches more of its potential. In other words, people who eat a healthy breakfast are most likely to be the people you always dream of becoming: healthy, successful, beautiful and full of energy.

I love eating a fruit and vegetable shake in the morning & recommend it to my patients, because it gives our body back many vitamins & minerals that our body used during sleep, for tissue repair and it is full of nutrients that we need for our new days’ performance.

A shake is easier to digest and faster to be absorbed & it gives us a boost of energy & vitality to start a successful day.

The fruit and vegetable shake is so ideal for breakfast, it doesn’t make our blood sugar rise to high levels, and so after drinking it in the morning, we will not crave for crabs all day long, like we do after cereal and milk, or coffee with donuts. Another great advantage for drinking a healthy shake in the morning is that it is ready in minutes, so it is perfect for those who are in a hurry in the morning and have no time to seat down & eat a full meal. It is so easy to make & so delicious, all the family can drink a healthy breakfast before running to kindergarten, school or work.

For your healthy shake you can use all kinds of fruit that you like, I recommend 2-3 different fruit, but not to mix water melons or melons with other kinds of fruit, because they are best digested alone.

For proteins I add unsweetened Soy or Almond milk, for greens I add kale, lettuce, celery or spirulina, very nutritious seaweed , that you can find in health stores.

If you like a sweeter shake, you can add 2-3 dates without the pit.

I add my favorite “meal in a can” natural powder mix, to add some more nutrients and taste to my shake, but it is not a must.

If you prepare all your ingredients in advance and keep your blender at hand on the kitchen table, all you need to do in the morning is blend everything together & there you have it- a healthy 5 minutes breakfast, that really breaks your body’s night fast.

As you can see, it is easy to start your day healthier and it doesn’t consume a lot of time.

If you will give your body the right “fuel” in the morning, it will thank you by living longer and “driving” you safely and happy to all your destinations!

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