ABC Kitchen

ABC Kitchen Local Organic Restaurant NYC, NY

ABC Kitchen is a local organic restaurant located in New York City, NY 10003.

Looking for fine-dining experience? this is a great place to eat organic food in NYC, so if you’re looking for organic places – check out the ABC Kitchen.

At ABC you can find a brunch menu, a lunch menu, dinner and dessert menus.

The menu is seasonal, and the food here is very healthy. The prices are fair enough, the place is designes in a beautiful way. Also, the people there are really nice and they have high standards for customer service.

For the drinks they offer a cocktails menu, a red wine list and a white one.

Reservations are accepted via phone call: 212.475.5829

Below you can find useful information about the place, including hours of operation, contact number and directions.

Restaurant's information

Opening hours

  • Sunday:11:00–15:00, 17:30–22:00
  • Monday:12:00–15:00, 17:30–22:30
  • Tuesday:12:00–15:00, 17:30–22:30
  • Wednesday:12:00–15:00, 17:30–22:30
  • Thursday:12:00–15:00, 17:30–22:30
  • Friday:12:00–15:00, 17:30–22:30
  • Saturday:11:00–15:00, 17:30–23:30

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